Wave 102 Announces Another New Presenter in Bid to Rule Dundee

The battle for supremacy of the commercial radio airwaves in Dundee continues to hot up, with Wave 102 taking on a former presenter with its rival station, as a weekend DJ.

Wave 102’s determination to overtake Radio Tay is evident in a press release it issued yesterday, announcing the appointment, which lists – in Notes to Editors – four boasts over its rival.

The presenter is Alistair Smith, who was with Tay AM. He’ll be presenting the Saturday breakfast show, from this weekend.

Says Wave 102 programme controller, David Moran: “Over the last few weeks, after Dave Price starting on our breakfast show, we have welcomed hundreds of new listeners to the station. Getting Alistair on board will help us to cement our total commitment to great radio produced and broadcast from our Dundee studios by great local broadcasters.”

Smith takes over from Dave McIntosh, who had been doing both the Saturday and Sunday breakfast slots and who will be continuing with his Sunday show.

The latest radio listening figures has Wave 102 enjoying an average reach (defined as the number of adult listeners tuning in for at least five minutes per week) of 27,000 and a 8.4 per cent share of its available audience.

Both Tay AM and Tay FM broadcast to a wider audience, beyond the confines of Dundee. Tay AM’s reach is 80,000 and share is 12.4 per cent. Tay FM’s reach is 109,000 and share is 17.2 per cent.

Tay is part of a Scottish network of radio stations owned by Bauer Media, that also includes both Clyde and Forth.
Says Wave 102, in its Notes to Editors: “1. Wave 102 recently increased its commitment to local news having extended local bulletins from 6am to 10pm every week day – more than Radio Tay who take a Scottish wide bulletin from Glasgow after 7pm every day.

“2. Wave 102 does not broadcast any networked radio programmes and recently dropped the national Hit 40 chart, a London countdown show – Tay FM are required to broadcast this.

“3. The latest networking on Radio Tay AM now means more than 50 per cent of the entire output is produced outwith Tayside

“4. Wave 102’s recently joined the Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce – Radio Tay are not members of the Chamber.”

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