STV's Scheduling Mostly its Own Affair, Confirms Ofcom Chief

The director of the Scottish division of broadcasting watchdog, Ofcom, has entered the current debate on programme scheduling by STV by confirming that what STV screens is mostly its own affair.

Following a number of readers’ letter in The Herald on STV opting out of major drama productions from ITV, and replacing them with home-grown programmes; Scotland, Vicki Nash has sent her own letter to the newspaper.

Says Nash: “Ofcom will investigate any complaint received about STV against the provisions of the Broadcasting Code.

“The code covers television and radio, setting programme standards in areas such as sponsorship, fairness and privacy, and harm and offence.

“STV must also comply with quotas set in its broadcasting licence. These include quotas for news and current affairs, original production and independent productions, which Ofcom monitors.”

She continued: “All ITV licensees, including STV, have a right to opt out of the main ITV network programming.

“It is a strategic decision for STV, as a commercial organisation, to choose its own schedule in the interest of its viewers. It is not for Ofcom to make detailed scheduling decision of this kind.”

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