New Channel 4 Contract for Firecrest

A Glasgow-based independent TV production company has extended a deal to provide content for Channel 4 News.

Firecrest Films has agreed a new, 12-month contract with the producers of Channel 4 News, ITN. Specialising in investigative journalism, the company's work includes a report of radioactive leaks at the Faslane naval base on the Gare Loch, an expose of overcharging of pensioners in private retirement homes which led to an inquiry by the Office of Fair Trade and revelations about the maximum security hospital, Broadmoor.

In a statement issued by the company, Nicole Kleeman, executive producer, is quoted as saying: “It’s great to be working with Channel 4 News again, and I’m looking forward to building on our previous successes. Our films break new stories and generate headlines across the world. They are the result of many weeks and often months of intensive research and investigation. The contract provides the resources for us to do this, and demonstrates Channel 4 News’ strong commitment to high impact, investigative journalism.”

Firecrest was set up three years ago by Kleeman, after ten years at the BBC where she was a producer on Panorama and Newsnight.

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