Paul Tucker: Hell, yeah; reflections on Shetland

IT’S the end of episode one of Shetland and detective, Jimmy Perez, is in a hole. To be precise, he’s in a shallow trench, dug as part of an archaeological dig, and he’s staring into the face of the second dead body of the night.

Shetland – last night on the BBC and concluding this evening – has selected wisely from the ‘Big Book of TV Crime Genre’.

It’s shot in distinct, Scandinavian grey. The landscapes are bleached Wallander. There are lots of ferries and water and strong, silent fishfolk, as you’d expect on Shetland, and this can’t help but remind you of The Killing.

DC Alison McIntosh is oddly reminiscent of DCI Jackie Reid from Taggart.

Of course, Jimmy Perez is a creation of Ann Cleeves who gave us Vera and the locations are very similar. Lots of lonely, unloved houses with mismatched furnishings.

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