Courtnay McLeod: Media training? As hard as we make it

IT had the potential to feel like a wake, with a death certificate citing numerous causes: strangulation by regulation, haemorrhaging of audiences, short supply of revenue, internal complications and a digital overdose.

But it turned out that last week’s Scotsman Conference on the Future of Media was remarkably upbeat.

Even Johnston Press chief executive, Ashley Highfield, appeared optimistic, focused, as he was, on figures, forecasts and opportunities that suggested, well… a prosperous future.

Conversations on the future of any profession need to include where the next batch of talent is coming from; assess if everything is in place to develop that talent and pipeline it into the industry. At the conference, former Scotsman editor, Magnus Linklater, said he had doubts, suggesting media training was a ‘missing link’.

If we look at the ‘big picture’,

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