Brace Yourself

Cosmetic dental experts specialising in pain-free treatments are introducing one of the most advanced adult teeth straightening procedures to Scotland.

Since opening earlier this year, Lubiju has earned a reputation as one of Scotland’s most advanced treatment centres, specialising in advanced oral reconstructive surgery right through to painless cosmetic treatments.

Now the hi-tech practice will be among the first in Scotland to offer the Six Month Smiles treatment, aimed at adults who are too self-conscious to show their teeth.

Scots dentist Dr Biju Krishnan, who set up Lubiju along with fellow Dundee University graduate Dr Lubino do Rego, has started offering the treatment after seeing a demo at a major dental convention.

He said: “There are thousands of adults in Scotland who are ashamed of their teeth and cover their mouths whenever they laugh or smile.

“However, for any number of reasons they don’t want to undergo surgery or don’t want to pay for expensive veneers, implants or other treatments.

“We all know these days it is virtually a fashion-statement for teenagers to wear corrective dental braces. However, for people of a certain age there is still too much of a stigma associated with having a mouthful of metal.

“The braces used in the Six Month Smiles treatment are virtually invisible and as the name suggest the treatment is very short, when compared against the two years traditional braces can be worn for.”

Dr Krishnan, a dad of two who also runs the highly successful Drake Dental Care NHS practice and its renowned Scottish Dental Implant Centre, underwent an intensive course in the treatment.

It took place during last month’s (Nov) meeting of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, which brought specialists from around the world to Edinburgh for three days.

He added: “It is a fantastic treatment and totally non-invasive, so it fits perfectly with Lubiju’s policy of developing and providing pain-free dental treatments as well as the most advanced surgical procedures.”

Most people who’d like orthodontic treatment but decide against make that call based on the length of the treatment and the unsightly appearance of the braces.

The Six Month Smiles treatment concentrates only on those problem teeth which are visible and uses transparent brackets and tooth-coloured wires, which are difficult to see. The treatment is also far shorter than many similar treatments.

Lubiju launched in March, has already attracted leading practitioners in anaesthetics, maxillo-facial surgery, cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery and hi-tech implant treatments.

It also specialises in pain-free treatments, including the use of handheld lasers which identify areas of corrosion invisible to the naked eye.

Cavities caught early can then be treated with specialist mineral treatments replace and restore damaged enamel, and state-of-the-art sealants to give teeth a protective coating.

The practice also utilises ozone technology, which uses supercharged oxygen to ensure cavities or areas of decay can be totally cleansed of the bacteria which contribute to decay.

And Lubiju patients can also call on the services of a renowned hypnotherapy expert to help calms nerves, conquer needle phobias and overcome gag reflex issues.

Dr Krishnan added: “The Six Month Smiles treatment won’t work for everyone.

“However,  there will be thousands of people out there who have spent years wishing for an affordable treatment like this and we’ll be happy to give them an assessment.”

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