Ceremony Marks Inauguration of New Principal for Queen Margaret University

Dr Petra Wend has today (November 11 2009) delivered her inaugural speech at a special ceremony in Edinburgh to mark her installation as Principal of Queen Margaret University (QMU).  Dr Wend took up the post of Principal in September from Oxford Brookes University where she was Deputy Vice Chancellor.  In her address she set out her vision for the future sustainability and direction of QMU under her ‘Four I’s’ strategy which focuses activity around key themes  – inter-professional, inter-disciplinary, industry relevant and international.

Presiding over the ceremony Sir Tom Farmer, the founding chancellor of Queen Margaret University, said;

“We are entering a new phase in the development of the University and Dr Wend has a very clear vision of a future that builds on our main strength, which is our relevance to society and the communities we serve.  There is no room for complacency in the education sector today, and Dr Wend is clear that by blending a sound  financial management with creative thinking and robust academic standards, Queen Margaret University will grow in stature and in reputation throughout Scotland, the UK and internationally.  Through collaboration with others we will remain an independent institution and will continue to make our mark in shaping the world around us.”

Sir Tom also conferred an honorary doctorate on Professor Bill Hardcastle for his pioneering work in speech therapy which has connected the research laboratory with the lives and needs of real people who have speech and language impairments.  At the core of Professor Hardcastle’s research has been the development of an analytical technique for recording and measuring tongue activity during speech production known as electropalatography, or EPG, which has received national and international recognition and contributed significantly to the Queen’s Anniversary prize awarded to QMU in 2002.  He retired from QMU in 2009 and continues to be engaged in research.


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