PR Guru to Give Leith Businesses 30 Low-cost Publicity Tips at Event

Businesses in Leith will get a recession-busting session outlining 30 low-cost Publicity Tips at's meeting at 8am in the David Lloyd Leisure Centre on Tuesday, 24th November. 

Penny Haywood, best-selling author of DIY PR, the small business owner's guide to 'free' publicity and owner of PHPR Ltd is running through the tips for 4networking members and guests.

She says, “PHPR has survived three recessions since 1986. We know that you need to bump up the number of times you connect with a potential customer during a recession to bring in the business. 

“It takes on average seven contacts during the good times to land a business customer, but marketeers say you need up to 33 contacts in some sectors during this recession. Obviously persistence pays, but people have got much more selective about the messages they pay attention to, and have pretty smart ways of filtering the spam. 33 emails is not going to do you much good. 

“Businesses need a variety of publicity tactics to build confidence during a recession, and to keep them in the frame throughout the more prolonged decision-making process. For example, a networking encounter (1), then an email follow-up (2), bolstered by seeing a media piece about you (3), then getting a personal recommendation (4), might well trigger a meeting request or a further discussion (5). Then a pitch brief (6), a formal presentation (7) plus post-pitch/selection negotiation (8) are fairly typical at the best of times.

“What else can you add into the mix to boost your chances? I've spent over 30 years working with companies, large and small and I also learn from each and every of them. I have a list of 100s of ways to publicise a business and I'm sharing 30 of the best tips at the 4networking meeting in Leith.” 

All meeting participants will also get 4networking's renowned 3 x 10 minute one-to-one business appointments with other attendees. Plus  chance to promote their business to the room. 4networking's 50:50 mix of relaxed networking and formal business opportunities is designed to maximise the chances of success.

Tickets cost £10 including breakfast, but pre-booking is essential. Contact to book a place.

Contact: Penny Haywood