Card-carrying Christmas Fans Say it Tongue-in-cheek

‘Tis the season to be jolly – but there is no need to be po-faced about it, according to cheeky greetings card retailer, Scribbler.

Mischievous greetings specialist Scribbler is offering shoppers a way to mark Christmas with a smile.

The stylish card shop which recently opened its first two Scottish stores, is encouraging people to have a giggle around the Christmas Tree with their greetings cards ranging from stylishly unique to the devilishly tongue-in-cheek.

Scribbler owner and founder John Procter: “Our extensive range of Christmas cards really offers something for everyone.

“We have a beautiful selection of the more traditional Christmas cards and charity cards, but for some reason more people have been taking note of the naughtier ones.”

Refreshingly, Scribbler caters for those who are fed-up with forced Christmas cheer. Dean Morris’s fruity photo cards spell out a more direct seasonal message with captions like: “So What if it’s Christmas, you’re still a tosser”, “Merry Christmas from one drunken whore to another” and a bedraggled Santa paired with the message: “Santa had clearly been on a bender the night before”.

John added: “I am sure we all know and love someone who – from time-to-time – can be a bit of a wino, a tosser or a drunken whore.

“Christmas is a time for togetherness, but also for honesty among your circle of family, friends and colleagues. Why not use one of our cards to send them the message loud and clear when spreading the festive cheer?

“They will probably think you are joking and not be offended at all.”

Some of this year’s Scribbler cards use punchy pictures to raise a laugh – such as Marie Curie Cancer Care cards’ nude couple riding a tandem bicycle through the snow, with the added bonus of 35p from every pack sold going to charity.

Others paint a happy traditional scene, but poke fun with witty prose. An image of innocent children playing with toys is undermined by the tagline – “The raid on the orphanage had been a great success”.

“Bah Humbug!” could be the cry of greetings such as Paperlink’s cards if they were not so hilariously funny. But with cute line-drawn characters exclaiming: “Christmas is coming – run!” and: “Happy Christmas it’s just one day. One meal with the family. Get over it” receivers will find it impossible not to laugh.

Card designs from Kissmekwik maintain their characteristically dismissive tone with a post-box red card reading: “Happy Christmas Facebook (not actual) Friend”.

And haphazard lettering advising “Pass the Port, I’m Sobering Up” from the bright side card company says it all.

Scribbler expanded its £6.5 million empire north of the border this summer with stores at 176 Buchannan Street, Glasgow and 80a Princes Street, Edinburgh.

The 18-outlet greetings card expert pins much of its success to offering a vast range of cards to rival any other store on the High Street. Most card retailers stock about 25 card ranges while the new Scottish stores offer more than 70. 

The rich vein of humour already present in its extensive range of niche cards, which range from the rude to slightly surreal, is also present in its wide selection of gifts.

A great deal of the chain’s success lies in spotting emerging trends early and bringing humour, fashion and style together in everything it does.

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