Queen Margaret University Principal Welcomes Malawi Health Official

Principal of Queen Margaret University Dr Petra Wend welcomed Mr Katumba, chief nutritionist at the Ministry of Health in Malawi yesterday (18th November 2009).  Mr Katumba visited the University to attend a special briefing on Community Therapeutic Care organised by Concern Worldwide (UK) with the Institute for International Health and Development at QMU. 

The event was attended by students of the Institute, healthcare professionals, volunteers and those with an interest in strengthening a social approach to emergency nutrition and sustainability.

Concern Worldwide has received Scottish Government support for its nutrition work in Malawi since 2006 and the event provided an insight into how Community Therapeutic Care differs from more traditional methods and exactly why it is so effective in treating malnutrition. It also considered the causes of malnutrition and touched on related issues such as gender based nutrition education, HIV and AIDS, and the effects of a change in traditional diet.

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