Free Music for New Rock Book Readers

A new book about the Glasgow rock scene gives readers the chance to listen to more than 100 music tracks for free.

Hidden on one of the pages of Minstrels, Poets and Vagabonds is information revealing a website address and password allowing readers to hear 115 songs from bands featured in the book on a special internet listening post.

The book chronicles five decades of rock music in Glasgow through the eyes and ears of former musician, DJ, promoter, band manager and club owner, Robert Fields.

Robert tells in his book how –

* in his Glasgow club, Strawberry Fields, he partied with Robbie Williams who started a massive food fight in the dressing room;

* his quick thinking disarmed a potentially explosive situation when a well-known Glasgow ‘businessman’ tried to get into a club carrying a gun;

* there was almost a riot when fans of American band, Nuclear Assault turned up to hear the group play at a Glasgow nightclub wearing T-shirts advertising the heavy metal outfit’s new single, Hang the Pope.

If anyone knows about the rock music scene in Glasgow over the past five decades, it’s Robert Fields. He’s been there, done it and ripped the T-shirt.

This book is not about the bright lights and millionaire megastar pop and rock bands – plenty has been written about them already.

This is the story of what rock music is really about – working bands waiting for that big break, hurtling up and down motorways in the back of a Transit van, dingy dressing rooms and dodgy PA systems.

Some of the musicians Robert knew went on to fame and fortune. Others who never quite made the big time, well they just do what they do best – keep on rockin’!

This book takes you back to the halcyon days of standing in a Glasgow pub or club with a pint or a Bacardi and Coke in your hand, rockin’ the night away.

Minstrels, Poets and Vagabonds is published by Macdonald Media Publishing and is in the shops now, priced £11.99.

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