Brash Five Year-old Upstart Pipped by Malt 10 Times its Age

A rare, cult Islay whisky was awarded a silver medal by connoisseurs, despite being outscored by a whisky more than 10 times its age.


5 year old Octomore, the most heavily peated whisky in the world, eclipsed 120 other single malts to be awarded a silver medal at the annual Malt Maniacs awards. 


A Speyside single malt, distilled in 1957, scored two more points.


Octomore was distilled at Bruichladdich Distillery from barley peat-dried to a whopping 140 ppm, three times more peaty than any other whiskies matured on the island, before being bottled at 62.5% at the iconic Islay distillery.


A limited release of Octomore 2:2 “Orpheus” is available next week at whisky specialists, retailing at £80. The December 2008 release now sells online at £175.


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