Aberdeen Lock & Security Helping to Restore Aberdeen's West End Glory

Aberdeen Lock & Security (ALSC) is reporting brisk business in helping to restore some of Aberdeen’s best known buildings.

Cast iron railings were once a familiar sight in the world famous granite streets of the city’s West End but many were removed around the time of World War Two.  Now, however, many property owners are seeking to reinstate the railings in tribute to the buildings’ heritage, according to ALSC managing director Martin Bennett.

“In recent months, we have had a lot of requests from home and business property owners in the West End who want to put back the railings which were removed during World War Two,” explained Martin.

“In some cases, people have seen pictures of how the building used to look and they are trying to be as historically accurate as possible when they are, for example, carrying out upgrading work or renovations.”

But as Martin explained, the reinstatement of the iron railings has security as well as aesthetic benefits and can add to the value of a property.

Martin added: “Fencing and gates such as these can be useful in deterring a thief as they define a property and create a barrier so putting the railings back can also be looked upon as a good security measure as well as additional safety for children and pets.  The option of full automation gives the right traditional feel with 21st century technology.

“It is worth remembering also that planning permission and/or listed building consent may be required for replacing railings which have been gone for some time and we have an architect partner to guide our customers through that process.”

Aberdeen Lock & Security – which celebrated its 21st birthday earlier this year – is located at South Esplanade West, Aberdeen.  For further information visit www.alsc.co.uk email sales@alsc.co.uk or call (01224) 895999.

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