Pyjama Party on Mount Kilimanjaro for the new pyjamas campaign

Three men will climb 20,000 feet to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro and put on their pyjamas in minus 20C in aid of the new pyjamas campaign for the new Sick Kids hospital.

Mark Little, a Trustee of the Sick Kids Friends Foundation (SKFF), has roped in friends John Macdonald and Colin Mackay to climb the highest mountain in Africa – a climb which is equivalent to base camp at Everest.But while climbers take over two weeks to reach Everest base camp to acclimatise, the three men will climb Kilimanjaro in just five arduous days next month.

Mark Little says: ‘Technically this is a straightforward trek with no difficult mountaineering, but it’s a strenuous physical test and 20% of those who attempt the ascent don’t make it. We are taking one day to acclimatise just below the summit.

‘The biggest risk is that we have agreed to stand in our pyjamas when we get to the top, where the temperature will be minus 20C.  But my biggest concern is spending Valentine’s Day in a three man tent with two big burly guys.’

The three men have already raised £10,000 but hope to raise over £25,000 for the new pyjamas campaign.

David Mitchell, Creative Director of the new pyjamas campaign, says: ‘Mark Little and his friends have set themselves a formidable task, inspiring others to sponsor their self imposed challenge in support of the new pyjamas campaign.

‘We are very grateful to all three men for facing this supreme test of mental and physical fitness in aid of sick kids.’

To contribute to this exceptional fundraising ascent, go to the ‘get involved’ section of, where a link will take you directly to Mark Little’s justgiving page to donate.

For further information, please contact Patricia Hess on 07 500 829 226

Notes for editors

Funds raised by the Sick Kids Friends Foundation’s new pyjamas campaign will pay for medical equipment, facilities for patients and their families, research and training at the new Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh (Sick Kids)

The new pyjamas campaign relies solely on voluntary donations.

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