Scribbler Couples Say it Their Way This Valentine

It is the official day for roses and romance – the time to splash out on greetings to show our better halves just how much we care.

Stylish card chain Scribbler has put together a wide array of beautiful card ranges to help couples express their true emotions this Valentine’s Day – no matter what kind of relationship they are in.   

“Snuggly Bear”

For duos who have cute pet-names for each other and enjoy cuddling up on the sofa with a box of chocolates, Scribbler’s stock of Avanti Cute Animal Cards are a purrrrfect purchase – retailing at £2.50.

One card features a grumpy ginger cat with its head peering through a cardboard heart. The message inside reads: “I really, really like you! Happy Valentine’s Day”.

Another adorable Avanti card, shows a chipmunk sitting up in a heart-shaped box of chocolates with the loving message: “Pick me! Happy Valentine’s Day”.

“My Muse”

Couples who love wandering hand-in-hand through art galleries will adore the beautiful sentiments of Roger la Borde’s lace-like cards – retailing at £2.75.

The designer uses laser technology to create a unique lace-cut effect. The beautiful cards designed by Rob Ryan bear poetic messages such as: “You were in my head but now you are in my heart. Please stay there forever.”

“Alright, Darling!”

Lovers who think that laughter is the best medicine will have a hoot with some of Scribbler’s more irreverent greetings such as: “Get your coat honey … you’ve pulled!”

The card from Lyon Design Inc. and Half Moon Bay features a finely dressed debutante beside the cheekily-worded message to offer an arch take on romance for those couples who do not take each other too seriously.

Such cheeky cards can be purchased at Scribbler for £2.50.

“My Precious One”

Sophisticated lovers who enjoy the finer things in life can show just how much they care by splashing out £4.99 on one of Five Dollar Shake’s individually handmade Love Deluxe cards.

Each card has been lovingly hand crafted using an array of genuine Austrian and Czech crystals. The cards made from products sustainable and renewable forests are handmade in Britain – making sure each card is as unique as the receiver.

 The cards above are just some of the stylish greetings that can be purchased from Scribbler this Valentine’s Day at Scribbler’s 17 stores across England and Scotland, as well as online at

We can provide a variety of cut-out and jpeg images on request, some of which can be viewed at our gallery online.

Greetings card empire Scribbler has defied the general gloom in the greetings card retail sector with its extensive card ranges by niche and emerging suppliers. Typical high street greetings stock around 25 ranges of cards, while Scribbler offers up to 80.

Although Scribbler offers gift wrapping products and corporate gifts it is best-known for its extensive range of niche cards, ranging from the stunningly stylish to the slightly surreal – to provide the perfect greeting for everyone.


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