Eclectic Magazine Launched, Setting a New Standard in School Magazines

Pupils at Robert Gordon’s College have taken delivery this week of ‘Eclectic’ magazine, a magazine which has been created and designed entirely by pupils in the Senior School.  The magazine has been printed professionally by J Thomson printers and will be sold to pupils at the school as well as being available to the wider community.  Although created in school it is not a school magazine, and features articles as broad as an interview with Lesley McKenna, Scotland’s World Champion Snowboarder, ‘The inside world of Formula 1’, ’10 little lies you tell yourself daily’, ‘The Origins of Language’, ‘Investigating the Psychology beyond the ‘Twilight’ phenomenon’, Afghanistan, Medical Research, Languages and Fashion.  These articles have been written by pupils aged 12 – 17, and carefully selected by Editor-in-chief Ashara Taylor (age 17, from Fraserburgh) and Assistant Editor Dan McFarlane (age 16, from Ellon). 

All senior editor positions for the magazine were gained following interviews with staff at Gordon’s and a lecturer in Journalism at Robert Gordon’s University, in order to show the professionalism expected from the outset.  All of the pupils have risen to the challenge set, and Arts Editor Laura Steedman (age 16, from Newburgh) and Arts Consultant Jordan Moffat (age 16, from Balmedie) have designed a product which is fit for the news-stand alongside the national magazines which provided their inspiration.

The magazine will partially be funded by the cover price of £2, and partially by advertisers from around Aberdeen: Aberdeen Performance Arts, Attic Clothing, Harley Clothing, Boarderline and the Acorn Centre all signed up when visited by Advertising Editor Jenny Sumner (age 17, from Inverurie) and her team.  Key to the creation of the magazine was the idea that 50p from each copy sold should go to charity.  Inspired by Lauren Child’s book “That Pesky Rat”, the magazine is being sold in aid of UNESCO’s programme for the Education of Children in Need.

The magazine will be launched at a lunchtime launch party on Thursday 14 January, after which time it will be available for general sale.

Editor in Chief Ashara Taylor said “We have really enjoyed making this magazine, although it has been hard scheduling our schoolwork and other activities around it – it took up a lot more time than we initially expected.  Seeing the magazine now makes all the effort worthwhile, and we are sure that everyone will find something that interests them in Eclectic.”

Assistant Editor Dan McFarlane added: “Choosing the name was one of the hardest decisions but we selected Eclectic because it means ‘deriving ideas or style from a broad or diverse range of sources’ and that sums up exactly what we have done.  Lots of pupils submitted articles from S1 up to S6, and we are so glad that we were able to get the advertisers we needed so that we can start to raise some money for charity through selling the magazine.”

Head of College Hugh Ouston saw the magazine today and said “This is an amazing achievement for these young people.  It is fantastic to see the pupils applying the skills they have learned through Art and Design and their English lessons, along with their interest in journalism.  Each pupil involved in Eclectic magazine should be very proud of the first edition of their magazine.”


Media Contact:

Gayle Veitch, Robert Gordon’s College, 01224 646346, 07852 132724

Notes for editors:

  • Photo opportunities with the pupils involved are available by arrangement with Gayle Veitch.
  • Copies of the magazine are also available from Gayle Veitch

Contact: Gayle Veitch
Phone: 01224 646346