Norfolkline Drives Business Straight into Scotland

Since Norfolkline reintroduced the Rosyth-Zeebrugge route, an increasing number of businesses are taking advantage of the cost savings and environmental benefits of the direct Continental link, the latest being major car manufacturer, Mazda.


As of January 2010, Mazda will ship all Scotland-bound vehicles via the Norfolkline service and, with over 6,000 cars forecast over the year, will become the biggest car importer north of the border.


Delivering its vehicles directly into the country through the Roysth port, Mazda will reduce its CO2 by 493 tonnes per annum and save 280,000 transportation miles over its previous delivery destination in Grimsby – over 260 miles away.


Commenting on the new business partnership, Bas van Helden, route director of Rosyth-Zeebrugge service for Norfolkline, said:


“As Scotland’s only direct ferry link to the Continent, this route offers convenience, cost savings and carbon footprint reductions, and it is encouraging to see more and more businesses, such as Mazda, utilising these benefits.


“The new partnership sits well with our existing portfolio, which already comprises a number of large-scale vehicle manufacturers including Mercedes-Benz. We look forward to working with Mazda and helping to reinforce their commitment to greener business practice.”


David Rodriguez, head of sales, planning and distribution for Mazda UK, added:


“Scotland is our most successful market in the UK. On average we sell more cars per dealer than anywhere else, but delivery time to the dealers was the highest of any UK dealer. With an increasing volume of Mazdas in Scotland we were faced with having to increase the number of lorry journeys which in turn would have led to a greater CO2 footprint, and it was these three factors that were the catalyst for change.


“Norfolkline’s service into Rosyth seemed the perfect solution: our customers get their cars a day earlier, we reduce our CO2 footprint and, with 280,000 fewer miles travelled by lorry, we have done a small amount for reduced traffic congestion.”

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