Go WEST for Bad Romance and Fast Romance

ONE of Scotland’s leading independent brewers, Glasgow-based WEST, is promising “the most unromantic meal of the year” and an unusual speed-dating experience at a number of alternative St Valentine’s Day events.

The small but high-profile brewery, based in the iconic Templeton Building at Glasgow Green, will celebrate the annual love fest by breaking with tradition and giving customers the option of great, unpretentious food – all of it messy, spicy, fried, chunky and, of course, enjoyed in a relaxed environment without a hint of soppiness and not a red rose in sight!

WEST, in its quest to convince the public that Valentine’s Day is not just for couples, is taking a leaf out of pop sensation Lady GaGa’s book by putting some “Bad Romance” into the occasion, encouraging people to come along for an UNROMANTIC lunch or dinner on 14th February – all for an amazing £15.95 per head for three courses! Bring anyone you like – your kids, grandparents and even the dog!

Petra Wetzel, WEST’s German-born MD, promises a veritable feast of delightful flavours and messy food. She said: “WEST is going against the rulebook when it comes to food on St Valentine’s Day so let us help you break with tradition, and make your day truly memorable.

“Don't pay through the nose for a cattle market Valentine’s meal with every couple competing against each other in a stuffy, pretentious, over-priced restaurant with white tablecloths. Come to WEST for a relaxing Sunday afternoon lunch or dinner in the evening and listen to some decent tunes – no soppy rubbish!”

What the rulebook says . . . The six foods to avoid on Valentines Day:

- Any kind of shellfish that requires the use of your hands
- Spicy foods that could linger
- A messy plate of spaghetti with tomato sauce
- A burger or sandwich that's too big or sloppy to eat gracefully – - Strawberries, poppy seeds, or anything that could easily get
stuck in your teeth
- Anything too spicy for your own good
- Onion rings, onion soup, or anything with raw red onions in it

“We will, of course, be making sure all these rules are broken…with some truly tasty dishes!” says Ms Wetzel. “And do bring your dog – we operate an open-door policy like no other!”
Meanwhile, WEST is also gearing up for its inspiring Fast Romance St Valentine’s Day alternative to speed dating.

This wacky event takes place at 7pm on 14th February. Light-hearted and informal, it’s open to everyone – male or female, gay or straight, or whatever else you might be! Come along to WEST, join in the fun and perhaps even discover some Fast Romance at this speed-dating event that promises to be like no other!

Hosted by the Kaiserin of WEST – Ms Petra Wetzel – you are guaranteed a fun-filled evening of laughter and, at the end of the night, even love. Costs are £6 per person and bookings are being taken by phone at 0141 550 0135 or email info@westbeer.com.

The name Fast Romance is taken from the new Scottish film, a totally Scottish production filmed in Glasgow last year and due to be launched in Glasgow this summer.

 WEST operates a full production brewery and is home to a stylish beer hall and restaurant with a beer garden overlooking Glasgow Green.


For further information please contact Petra Wetzel on 0141 550 0135

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Date 2nd February 2010

 Notes to Editors

Valentine Packages:

Dinner – Sat 13th, £24.95 per head
(Includes FREE Sunday WEST Breakfast!)*
Lunch – Sun 14th £15.95 per head
Dinner – Sun 14th £18.95 per head

To Book: Please call (0141 550 0135) today to book your table or by email (info@westbeer.com) *Please note Breakfast will be served between 10am – 12.30pm on Sunday, 14th February 2010 only)

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