Aberdeenshire Charity Awarded

Aberdeenshire, charity, Disabled Persons Housing Service Aberdeenshire (DPHSA) has been awarded £10,000 from the National Lottery’s Awards for All fund, which means the Peterhead based charity can expand its services to support more disabled people with housing needs.  First Minister, Alex Salmond has written to the charity to congratulate them with their successful application.

The funding, which was received in January, will be used to promote the services of the charity throughout Aberdeenshire with a new website and marketing strategy.  It will also be used to carry out market research to establish the needs and desires of clients new and old.  The charity hopes that on the back of the research new opportunities will arise for it to re-structure and become more sustainable.

First Minister, Alex Salmond wrote to DPHSA and said “The fact that the Big Lottery chose to award you this grant is a testament to the merit of your organisation’s marketing plan.  I know this funding will prove invaluable to the Disabled Persons Housing Service and the local community.”

Development Manager Anne Mair, is delighted with the funding and is excited about what it means for the charity. She commented: “This funding means so much to DPHSA and will mean that we will be able to help more people with disabilities with their housing needs.  It has been a crucial step for the future of the charity and will make us more sustainable as an organisation.  We are absolutely delighted.”

DPHSA currently helps over 50 people each year with disabilities.  It provides information, advice and advocacy to people with housing issues or problems. The charity believes that that living in suitable, secure accommodation is crucial to a person’s life and can ultimately lead to other benefits, such as increased access to work and educational opportunities, as well as social integration and community participation.  As well as launching a new website in March this year the charity will re-brand to ‘Houseability’, which will be celebrated at a launch party in April and used as the platform for the way ahead.

For further information on DPHSA contact Anne Mair on 01779  490908.

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