Archery World Cup Final 2010, Edinburgh

On the weekend of 18-19 September 2010, Edinburgh will stage the (FITA) Archery World Cup Final, the most prestigious event in the sport's annual calendar [second only to the World Championships].  Edinburgh is the first UK city to host the Archery World Cup Final, the biggest, most important archery competition ever to be seen in the UK.  

It is the culmination of four World Cup qualifying events when the best thirty-two archers in the World (top 16 men and 16 women) bring the skill and tension of knockout archery matches (two competitors going head to head) into the very heart of Scotland's capital city for two days of exciting competition.  

The Archery World Cup Final offers the perfect opportunity for Edinburgh residents, visitors to the city and archery enthusiasts to watch the best archers in the world compete just before the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi; and as they prepare for the 2012 Olympics in London.  They will showcase their incredible skills of control, calmness, technique and concentration under pressure in the two disciplines of Compound and Recurve bows for the biggest prize money in the sport.

With thousands of spectators expected to attend and the possibility of up to 250 million viewers watching the thrilling competition unfold via TV and internet the 2010 Archery World Cup Final is not only a fantastic demonstration of the sport in the UK, it will also showcase the city of Edinburgh and Scotland as the perfect destination for the world's biggest and best sporting events.

The event will be free for spectators, with a small charge for seating in the Grandstand.

At the event there will be a series of 'come and try' sessions organised by Archery GB and Scottish Archery.

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Notes to Editors:
The Archery World Cup currently consists of four qualifying (elimination) stages held in spectacular venues around the world all culminating in a grand World Cup Final where the top thirty two archers compete over two days.

Archery has been a permanent Olympic sport since the 1972 Olympic Games and FITA has held the World Championships since 1931. The Archery World Cup Final always takes place in an iconic venue – previous host venues have included the
Mayapan Pyramids in Mexico, Furj Al Arab in Dubai and City Hall Square in Copenhagen.

Bow types / archery disciplines
A Recurve bow,the Olympic discipline, looks much like a traditional bow except at the very ends the tips curve forward. Instead of looking like a perfect, very wide, shallow “D” it has little “S” type “recurves” at the tips. These tips transfer a little more power to the stored energy in the bow limbs.

A Compound  bow is designed to reduce the force required to hold the string at full draw and a great benefit when holding an arrow, waiting for just that perfect shot.  It has a series of off-round pulleys or cams at the ends of the bow limbs that stores energy in the string itself as well as the limbs. The cam or cams (in a double cam) create far morr power then the same length limbs in a recurve bow. This system also gives the archer “let-off” the maximum pull.

Some compounds have as much as an 80% let-off. That means that if the bow is set at 50lb draw, it takes you 50lbs of strength to pull the bow string back to a point (about halfway) the cams kick in and at full draw it takes 10lbs (80% reduction of draw) of pull to hold the string back.

This a great benefit when holding an arrow, waiting for just that perfect shot

The Competition
In both disciplines archers shoot at a target at 70m in a Knockout format – two archers going head to head
For each match, there are 12 arrows per archer
The archer shoots 4 sets of 3 arrows, alternately with a maximum of 30 seconds per arrow allowed
The archer with the highest score goes to next round
In the event of a tie, there is a one arrow tie-breaker

Partners  of the ARCHERY WORLD CUP FINAL 2010 include City of Edinburgh Council, EventScotland, UK Sport, Archery GB and The Scottish Archery Association

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