Angela Helps Battle-Weary Businesses Get Their Mojo Back

A successful entrepreneur is set to help battle-weary bosses work their way out of the recession.

With the launch of her new company, Mojo, Angela Paterson hopes to help businesses find that vital spark of success.

She has built and sold two successful companies of her own – and spent four years as a director of the Entrepreneurial Exchange. The group is Scotland's leading organisation for growth-oriented entrepreneurs, boasting Sir Tom Farmer and Sir Tom Hunter among its members.

Angela, 40, now aims to help businesses with around £1million in annual turnover which may be struggling at the tail end of the recession, as well as helping smaller enterprises looking to grow or break through that £1million threshold.

Angela said: “A Mojo is known to be a mystical power, spell or magic touch. I picked the name for a bit of fun – but I am hoping I will put a 'magic touch' on every business I set out to work with.

“It is my job to help businesses look forward and succeed rather than just keeping their heads down and battling on through to the end of the recession. We want to help businesses climb out of this economic ditch and build profits again.  It is about getting back to growth plans and not just survival plans!”

Angela also works with a team of expert consultants – who have all enjoyed at least 20 years success in their own fields – and who are on hand to provide recession-weary bosses with the best current advice.

The Mojo team are already giving advice on business planning, operational, finance, funding and HR as well as giving a real focus to sales and marketing issues.

Angela, who lives in Edinburgh, said: “The service is valuable to any forward-thinking company which may be temporarily stuck in a rut.

“Over the last couple of years a lot of business managers have become quite battle weary. They may have had to cut costs relentlessly and possibly make redundancies. They are exhausted by fighting the battles presented by this long recession; many people are now seeking a new perspective.

“A fresh pair of eyes coming in and giving a bit of educated advice can be just the injection of energy a company needs.

“I am confident that if executives take my advice on board they will be able to achieve their goals. The ironic thing is that many successful businesses have yet to even identify their goals in the first place – never mind nail them.”

As well as helping companies regain and sustain their glory days, Mojo can also help smaller firms with high growth potential break the £1million turnover mark.

Angela set up her first business – Kite Ltd – ten years ago and sold the company to one of Scotland's leading HR and Recruitment specialists, Head Resourcing, in 2007. She then sold her market leading, Inverness based job board to national site in early 2009.

Now her entrepreneurial experience is helping clients including Holyrood PartnershipEQ Design, Balmoral Group, Empire HR, Capture Media and

Angela added: “I go into their offices and have an in-depth talk about how they run their business, and set milestones for what they hope to achieve.

“A lot of SME directors don't have anyone holding them accountable. Having a board advisor or non-executive member like me means they aren't let off the hook.

“Quite often, businesses are very good at what they do, but lack commercial flare in promoting what they do themselves. They could have a very good product but don't know how to take it to market.

“I also look at things like branding, social media strategy and give them access to my network of contacts to help their business reach further.

“We are now hearing that the recession is over but I predict that it is going to be a tough year ahead with the vat increase and a lack of lending facilities. It's a good time for a fresh perspective and creating a watertight business plan.”

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