Tenants First Success in Community Art Bid

Tenants First Housing Co-operative is celebrating support from the National Lottery-funded ‘Inspiring Communities’ scheme for its award-winning Roanheads development in Peterhead.

A £60,000 grant will used for the design and production of artwork to enhance the environment in Roanheads.

The Inspiring Communities fund, administered by the Scottish Arts Council, aims to provide greater participation in the arts, though projects developed by, and for, communities.

Commenting on their success in being awarded the grant, Tenants First Chief Executive, Sandy Murray said:

“We are delighted that we been successful in gaining this support. The Roanheads development, which was completed in 2008, has become established as a close-knit community with a main square lined with trees, benches and a play park at its centre.

“The grant will provide funding for the installation of artwork to enhance the environment at Roanheads, giving it a real sense of community and place. An important element of the scheme will be to engage with the local community to decide the type of artwork that will be used and to work on its design.”

Iain Munro, Co-Director of Arts, Scottish Arts Council congratulated Tenants First and added:

“The Scottish Arts Council’s Lottery Committee is delighted to support Tenants First through our Inspiring Communities strand.  Our aim was to support ambitious projects that were developed by, and for, the communities which proposed them in order to achieve, more, wider and better participation in the arts.  Roanheads is a relatively new community and this initiative will foster creative thinking and inspiration at centre of residents lives.”

The Roanheads development was created on a semi-derelict industrial site straddling St Peter Street and North Street on the east side of Peterhead, close to the harbour. Last year, Roanheads was named as the ‘Social Residential Housing Development of the Year’ in the Herald Property Awards 2009.

Roanheads consists of 45 family homes and eight sheltered houses. Built for Tenants First by Stewart Milne Construction, they are constructed from state-of-the art closed panel timber systems. The factory finished panels were delivered for assembly on site, complete with windows and doors, exterior and interior finishes and services already installed.

The use of this advanced construction system followed on from Tenants First’s award-winning pilot of factory finished homes in Ballater. It is part of Tenants First’s drive to produce low-cost homes that offer high-quality and low maintenance along with low energy consumption.

Tenants First is currently working on a three-year programme with the Mackintosh School of Architecture in Glasgow to develop affordable zero-carbon homes.

Almost 300 organisations applied to ‘Inspiring Communities’ seeking over £51 million in support. Tenants First is Britain’s largest housing co-operative. It has more than 1,300 properties in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Angus and Glasgow. 

Tenants First Housing Co-operative is one of 4,753 co-operative organisations across the UK. Jointly they sustain more than 237,000 jobs and contribute £27.4 billion turnover to the UK economy. In the UK 10.8 million people (one in five of the population) is a member of a co-operative. 

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