Elite Self Defence Launches Reality Based Self Defence Classes in the North East

North East training company, Elite Self Defence has launched the North East’s first ever reality based self defence training course, in a bid to combat attacks and make people feel safer in their communities.

Elite Self Defence is running classes at the Beach Leisure Centre twice a week, which are open to the general public and will cover a range of techniques including general defence and control techniques and  are suitable for people of all strengths, builds and ages.  The classes cost £6 for individuals and one-to-one courses can be arranged, in addition.

The classes are the first of their kind to be launched in the North East that are reality based and will focus primarily on attacks from all angles and weapon defence, such as attacks with guns knives and sticks.  Many of the techniques are taken from KAPAP, which was formed in the 1940s and derives from police and Israeli defence forces to combat face-to-face attacks. 

Company Director, Krzysztof Gudojc, 23, formed Elite Self Defence last year with help and support from the Prince’s Scottish Youth Business Trust.  He commented:  “We have had such high demand for these training courses that we are looking to expand them further in the North East, possibly taking them into Aberdeenshire.  Our classes teach basic techniques which give people confidence in their communities and are suitable everybody.  It’s great to see pupils grow in confidence throughout the course and its great to be a part of that and really help those who feel vulnerable in society.”

Krzysztof is a fully qualified KAPAP instructor and an Explosive Self Defence Systems Instructor.  He first started his journey in martial arts at the age of 6, when he took up Taewondo and wrestling and went on to compete for more than 10 years.  He has first hand experience of training hand-to-hand combat with Israeli Special Forces, Swedish Police and Royal Thai Army, which he takes some of his knife and gun disarming techniques from and uses in the programme he has developed for community self defence.

Elite Self Defence also offers corporate training for companies looking to offer self defence techniques to their staff and does one-to-one personal training. 

For more information or to book on to Self Defence Classes visit www.eliteselfdefence.co.uk or telephone Krzysztof on 07882 625 016.

Contact: Krzysztof Gudojc
Phone: 07882 625 016
Email: info@eliteselfdefence.co.uk
Website: http://www.eliteselfdefence.co.uk