Advice on Avoiding Potential Carbon Trading Pitfalls on Offer from Energy Consultants

When carbon trading becomes commonplace in the UK commencing in less than a month’s time (1st of April 2010) and eventually worldwide in an effort to put climate change in check, companies will have to make large financial decisions. Will companies buy or sell carbon credits or invest in carbon reducing projects or technologies? To make these decisions, companies will need specialised software to track and analyse their carbon emissions and carbon abatement programs, as well as gaining access to carbon trading markets to buy and sell carbon credits.

Stakeholders, employees and customers are increasingly becoming more aware of the impacts of climate change. The Government are in the process of implementing initiatives such as Carbon Monitoring under the climate change act 2012 following on from the CRC Energy efficiency scheme which will impact the way organisations across the private and public sectors operate and deliver their services.

“It has now become necessary for organisations to have a robust strategic approach and the relevant tools to manage their carbon emissions as good practise will only be a short term solution which will lead to financial disaster”. Said William Morris Managing Director of Energy Solutions Consultants.

Energy Solutions Consultants undertook a recent survey of 200 companies who will be participating in the CRC energy efficiency scheme and found that 80% are undertaking the exercise in house not fully understanding the required elements or the long term implications.

“Companies are getting confused between what is required for the CRC energy efficiency scheme and Carbon monitoring” said Morris.

Energy Solutions Consultants is one of the country’s leading specialists in helping organisations save energy costs, reduce carbon and comply with all the requirements set out by the CRC and forth coming Carbon Monitoring legislation.

“We have invested a lot of time and effort into developing our Carbon Check  software programme which has all the DEFRA carbon calculations preloaded and can provide an accurate 100% road map,” said Mr Morris.

“Our engineers are all accredited by the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE). They can take any organisation’s data and, using our software, provide a 100 per cent accurate assessment of energy expenditure, carbon liabilities and potential savings in a fraction of the time it would take several people to do in house.

“Correctly done the CRC legislation provides an opportunity for organisations and businesses to save costs and reduce carbon emissions but if ignored or handled badly it could prove to be a very expensive exercise indeed.”

Contact: William Morris
Phone: 01413326649