NSDesign Creates Bespoke Social Networking Business Site

Social networking expert NSDesign has launched a bespoke business social networking platform for the International Business Technology and Innovation Exchange (IBTIX) – www.ibtix.com

The £25,000 contract is one of the largest NSDesign has secured to date and is another significant addition to the company’s growing portfolio.

The network will allow innovative businesses to showcase their products and services and connect with new customers using state of the art business social networking tools. 

Managing Director of NSDesign, Gary Ennis, said:

 “We are delighted to have been working with IBTIX as this network can offer companies like ourselves the opportunity to acquire new business and grow.  Not only has this been one of our biggest financial contracts to date but working with IBTIX has given us the opportunity to be introduced to major international companies.”

The site was launched earlier this month and has already had hits from as far afield as the US, Canada, Spain, Switzerland and China.  The City of Glasgow and a number of innovative Glasgow businesses are already featured on the site.  The State of New Hampshire in the US is another important champion and the expectation is that more US states will come on board in the weeks ahead. 

Bob Creighton, IBTIX CEO, said: 

 “NSDesign is a pivotal part of our team.  The company took our ideas and conceptualised them visually; they challenged our thinking and put together a state of the art site that is functional, user friendly and has immediate impact.

“Ours is a web based business model and NSDesign has been crucial to our development and launch.  They understand our market and the challenges.  We haven’t yet come up with a problem that they haven’t found a solution for.” 

Built on the principles of social networking for businesses, IBTIX is an interactive online community, marketplace, ideas hub, and news resource.  Membership is ‘by invitation only’ (through the world’s leading business development agencies), which ensures the quality and calibre of member companies, and entrusts users to openly communicate and engage in a secure environment

Bob added:

“IBTIX offers development agencies and their companies the opportunity to tap into what is essentially a virtual trade mission and product expo.

“There is a well defined niche for a portal that can successfully employ existing professional and social networking tools to promote and connect companies, support business growth and deliver this as a ‘trade service’ to the world’s leading development agencies.

“The market gap which we are addressing is being confirmed daily by technology commentators. Our development work shows that there are at least 25,000 enterprise development agencies globally and the growth potential for the business is enormous.”


Issued by The BIG Partnership on behalf of NSDesign.

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 Notes to editors:

About NSDesign

NSDesign has been helping businesses and organisations maximise their success online since 1999.

The company designs innovative products and services that allow their clients to do things better on the web, ranging from initial domain name registration and web hosting, to custom web development, ecommerce systems, internet marketing and training, and deliver these solutions to a range of clients from start-up companies to government bodies and universities.

The focus is strongly on accessibility and usability, providing the tools to empower users with full control over their account, backed by in-house expertise to rely upon when required.


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