Intellectual Property is the Currency of a Knowledge Based Economy: Free Seminar at Stevenson College Edinburgh

Stevenson College Edinburgh is hosting a free seminar on 24th March to discuss knowledge transfer and to explore how academic institutions can protect their intellectual property assets.

The key speaker at the lunchtime event is Alison Bryce, Partner at Maclay, Murray & Spens LLP.  With over 10 years’ experience Alison has covered all areas of Intellectual Property (IP) and information technology law including the commercialisation of IP.  Alison Bryce, said:

“In a world of Facebook, Google and Apple, IP is arguably one of the most important assets of this century.  Much of this IP has been inspired by academic institutions and it is critical they have a good working knowledge of IP and where the rights lie so they can protect their assets, their people and at the same time develop good relationships with industry.

“We live in different times where IP is everything.  It is known as the currency of the knowledge based economy.  A good illustration of this is Google; with a estimated market capitalisation of $140 billion, yet its tangible assets are only worth £3.2 billion.”

SCE Enterprise is running the seminar in conjunction with the 2KT project, which draws on the expertise of eight of East of Scotland's leading education establishments, providing businesses with a range of support and services to facilitate research, development and innovation.  A team of Business Development Managers work closely with academic staff and industry specialists to ensure knowledge and services are relevant to both needs of individual businesses and Scotland’s overall economy. 

Business Development Executive for 2KT at Stevenson College Edinburgh, Liam Conway, said: “We are delighted to be hosting this seminar at Stevenson College which will provide academic institutions with an overview of IP including some of the myths and truths surrounding it. Case studies will highlight success stories and where things can go wrong.

“This area is important in knowledge transfer as a recent UK survey showed that 75% of companies cited IP as a priority and 30% of businesses are now seeking to exploit their IP more than normal.”


Notes to Editors


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