Drive on to Win New Clan Fans

A fleet of cars has taken to the road in the drive to attract thousands of fans to Scotland’s new top-flight ice hockey team, The Braehead Clan.

Driven by a team of models and promotions girls – called The Braehearts – the ten smart cars covered in the purple and silver-coloured Braehead Clan logo have been catching the eye as they travel around west central Scotland.

The Braehead Clan will compete in the UK’s Elite League next season playing out of the impressive 4000-seater Braehead Arena near Glasgow. Their first home game is scheduled for Saturday, October 2.

Models, Victoria Whitehead and Nayu Rosino were first to get behind the wheel of the Braehead Clan smart cars.

Victoria, 26, said: “We’ve had an amazing reaction from people who see the cars as we’re driving along. You can see them staring at the logos when we pass them on the road and there’s no doubt the cars with the Braehead Clan branding are catching the eye.”

Nayu, 24, added: “I’m really excited about a top-class ice hockey team playing in the west of Scotland and I can’t wait for the first face-off.

“As well as fast and furious action on the ice, there’s going to be fantastic off-ice entertainment for everyone to enjoy as well. It’s not just a great game of ice hockey people will be coming to see, they’ll also be treated to a whole night of sports entertainment and showbiz-style razzmatazz.”

The man behind the new Braehead Clan team is Neil Black who revealed that he wants every female who enjoys ice sports to join The Braehearts.

He said: “We want to have a special fan club within a fan club just for the ladies. They’ll have their own Braehearts logo that will be on replica tops, T-shirts, banners and other merchandise.

“Ice hockey is not just for men and I want to see half of our support being female.”



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