Refurbishment Plans for Care Home after Planning Permission Refusal

Bosses from CrossReach the Social Care Council of the Church of Scotland met with residents, relatives and staff last night to discuss a proposed scheme to refurbish one of its care homes after planning permission for a new building was refused by Aberdeenshire Council.

Following the refusal of a planning application by Bancon Developments by the council for a new home for older people at the Hill of Banchory site and in view of the current economic climate CrossReach has decided to withdraw from the sale of the existing Bellfield Home for Older People and also withdraw plans for a new building.

CrossReach like all organisations have been affected by the global financial crisis and the timing of its capital building programme has been reviewed.

Revd Syd Graham, convenor of the Social Care Council of the Church of Scotland said:  “When discussions for the sale of the current home and a new building commenced many years ago the financial position of CrossReach was quite different from now.”

In addition to the money made from the sale of the Bellfield property CrossReach would have to find a considerable amount of capital to build a new home.  CrossReach at this time cannot see any time in the immediate future where it could raise such substantial amounts of capital.

CrossReach has given the matter serious consideration and have decided in light of the refusal for planning permission the way forward at the moment is to consider proposals to refurbish the existing home at a later date.

The Care Commission have been consulted and further discussions will now happen on how this might be achieved.

Mr Graham said:  “This has been a time of uncertainty for residents, staff and for the people of Banchory over recent years.  Having reached this decision we now hope that we can find ways to continue this high quality service from its prime position in the town.


Wednesday 7, April 2010

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