As the UK general election approaches politicians across the board are keen to find a solution to the UK’s burgeoning obesity problem.

Now, pioneering British company Telehealth Solutions has established a draft ‘obesity protocol’ to help reverse the heavyweight trend.

Using cutting edge telehealth technology, the Watford company has created a targeted questionnaire to assess how obesity is putting lives at risk. Once in the mainstream, they believe the technology could save the NHS millions by helping to tackle the country’s heavyweight problem.

Executive chairman Jeremy Cummin said: “Britain has one of the highest rates of obesity in children and young people in Europe and evidence suggests this trend will rise. This protocol is in its infancy but we’re confident we will quickly gather sufficient information to create software for those battling obesity turn their lives around.”

The firm’s CardioPod is already doing just that for heart patients by offering fully supervised heart health checks in just 20 minutes. Through assessing a patient’s response to a number of targeted questions, the CardioPod can project their risk of having a heart attack within the next 10 years. Predominantly used in pharmacies, where the tests are supervised by pharmacists, the Pod has received widespread positive feedback from health professionals and patients alike.

The portable HomePod, which won the company an innovation accolade at last year’s Scottish Health Awards, is also saving the NHS thousands by allowing patients with chronic lung conditions to monitor their illness from home, ultimately reducing unnecessary hospital admissions.

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