Glasgow's First City Centre Nando's Arrives in St. Enoch

Specialist chicken restaurant Nando’s has opened its doors in Glasgow city centre for the first time with its new outlet in St. Enoch Centre promising customers the best PERi-PERi chicken they have ever tasted.

The new Nando’s has been specially designed for its city centre location, and is the latest big name to be introduced to the recently transformed St. Enoch Centre. 

As well as adding another dimension to the Centre’s expanding food and drink offering, the new restaurant is also playing a key role in Ivanhoe Cambridge’s ambition to create a new civic space for Glasgow on St. Enoch Square.

Nando’s 1,840 square foot plus mezzanine restaurant opens onto the Square, with space for outside seating, and continues to trade into the evenings after the Centre has closed.

 Nick Tough, Nando’s Managing Director for Scotland, said: “Having grown the business with great success in locations surrounding Glasgow city centre, it was a natural move to locate a position in the city that would complement our growth and also tap into a new market source.  With the development at St. Enoch Centre, and obviously the addition of Hamleys to the Centre, this seemed like a perfect opportunity for us.

“This restaurant is one of only two in our estate of 220 restaurants that has broken away from the traditional look and feel of Nando’s in the UK market.  By applying a new way of thinking and utilising different materials and concepts, we have been able to design and build a restaurant that is very different from our others in Glasgow and Scotland.  A treat for Nando’s lovers everywhere.”

Susan Nicol, General Manager of St. Enoch Centre, said:  “We are delighted to welcome Nando’s first Glasgow city centre restaurant to St. Enoch Centre, it is an excellent addition to the Centre and adds an exciting new dimension to our food and drink offering.”





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