Transform Your Office into a Classroom

Workers up and down the country are being challenged to push themselves to new limits by learning how to cook up a storm like Jamie Oliver or discover how to edit the next future Hollywood blockbuster as part of a nationwide skills challenge.

To mark National Learning at Work Day, Scotland’s national skills and training body Skills Development Scotland is urging people across the country to boost their own skills and see their own careers take a leap forward on May 20.

As part of Adult Learners Week, thousands of people in workplaces across the country will be learning something new and celebrating learning achievements. Skills Development Scotland is determined to equip people with the knowledge and support they need to unearth their hidden talents.

Current economic conditions dictate that workplaces and employees must maintain and develop their skills to ensure they are in good shape to emerge stronger when the economy improves.

Damien Yeates, Chief Executive of Skills Development Scotland, said: “Now more than ever, employees and employers are focusing on the importance of skills.

“It is vital learning doesn’t stop as soon as we finish school, college or university. Everyone can discover new skills to improve their own career prospects or take their businesses forward. 

“Skills Development Scotland wants to encourage as many adults, no matter what age they are, to give learning a go.

“National Learning at Work Day is the perfect opportunity to examine what skills you need to strengthen your career prospects or personal development.”

Skills Development Scotland delivers a wide range of first class skills training and careers advice to allow people to fulfill their potential. It is committed to helping people across Scotland maximise their skills and support businesses to be ahead of the game in their specific sector.

ILA Scotland is a Scottish Government scheme and delivered by Skills Development Scotland to help individuals pay for learning. The scheme is aimed at those who have an income of £22,000 a year or less, or who are on benefits.

 Those aged 16 or over and living in Scotland can receive up to £500 towards the cost of learning with an individual learner account through ILA Scotland

ILA Scotland offers a diverse range of exciting courses – from learning a new language to video editing.

Damien Yeates continued: “We are committed to providing people with the opportunity to build on the skills they have and develop new ones.

“Whether this is through ILA Scotland or a one-to-one with our careers advisers, there are plenty of opportunities to develop skills and fulfill ambitions.

“It is important that we continue to develop and grow, not only to help ourselves but to help Scotland maintain its top class skills base and help it return to sustainable economic growth.”

To find out more about Skills Development Scotland visit

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Phone: 0141 333 9585