Divorcees Can Smile Again Thanks to Fun and Quirky Gifts

Going through a divorce is never a pleasant experience. But sometimes the best way for friends and family to help the couple – even a celebrity couple like Cheryl and Ashley Cole – is by raising a smile.

Scribbler, the UK’s number one card chain, is selling a humorous cheery divorce card that is guaranteed to bring some humour to the occasion – ideal for Cheryl’s band mates and Ashley’s fellow players and supportive friends everywhere.

The card reads ‘Congratulations you’re divorced and free at last’ in bright and quirky lettering, offering a light-hearted reminder to divorcees of the benefits and of the fun that can be found in single life. 

For divorcees themselves, they can perhaps bring some fun to the seriousness of the situation, with these ‘Get the Hint’ sticky labels.  On handing over the divorce papers, why not swap a traditional post it note for some of these which read ‘Good News’, ‘Bad News’, ‘You’ll love this’ and ‘You’ll hate this’.  They’re guaranteed to get a laugh from any ex husband or wife to be.

John Procter, founder of Scribbler cards, said: “Scribbler cards are all about the fun and not taking life too seriously, the divorce card and sticky labels are an excellent way to remind couples who are going through a divorce of this and show them that they can laugh again.”

A full range of cards and gifts can be found in Scribbler stores across England and Scotland and also on their website www.scribbler.co.uk

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