Drillers.com Launches Initiatives to Enhance the Europass

Oilfield technical website, Drillers.com Inc, has launched three oilfield specific electronic documents, which supplement the EU Europass standard introduced in 2005 to help people make their skills and qualifications easily understood across different countries.

The three new supplements include the oilfield discipline supplement, expiring documentation supplement and training certificate supplement.  These supplements tailor the Europass electronic CV to make it specific to oilfield disciplines.

The Europass standard consists of five primary electronic documents; the Europass CV, language passport, certificate supplement, diploma supplement and Europass mobility.  However to be useful for the oil industry, specific skills and experience must be recorded and searchable in meaningful ways.

“The EU has designed a very good electronic CV standard which isn’t obligatory for companies to use as yet.  The EU will eventually mandate all companies operating within the EU to apply this standard”, said Steve Devereux of Drillers.com Inc.  

“That’s the way the EU works to harmonise practices across the region.  In this case, the Europass is actually a well designed and useful standard and we can use that as the basis for an oilfield specific ePortfolio.  Oilfield companies can start to get Europass compliant systems in place now, using the EU and Drillers.com standards.”

The oilfield discipline supplement gives further detailed information on the skills and experience of an oilfield professional. This can be easily updated and will allow a job specification to be matched to suitable candidates.

The expiring documentation supplement covers all those documents which have an expiry date and are crucial information for a potential employer. Steve explains, “Many countries don’t issue a visa if your passport has less than six months left. Some countries require an in-date Yellow Fever (YF) certificate and a new YF certificate isn’t valid until 25 days after the injection is given.  So, if an advertiser needs someone in a hurry to go to Uganda, they must have at least six months in their passport and they must already have a valid YF certificate, which is at least 25 days old and not expired.  By way of our new expiring documentation supplement, matching candidates can be identified via the database.”

The training certificate supplement allows users to list all their non-expiring certificates, such as college education, courses attended or online training completed, within the ePortfolio database.

While all the primary Europass documents can be accessed and completed on the Europass website or on Drillers.com, the latter allows various additions to the norm to further enhance one’s ePortfolio profile and make it more accessible to recruitment agencies and prospective employers.  Site users can export just the EU Europass documents, or the whole oilfield ePortfolio, which can then be imported into other databases complying with the standard.  The user has ownership of the data and can move it around systems or back it up to their own PC.

Recruitment agencies with an advertising account on the Drillers.com website can search through a candidate’s ePortfolio in a job matching search done by the database. The web server will contact users via email or SMS when a job matching their ePortfolio profile appears on the site. Users can also choose to receive email notifications before an expiring document such as a passport or well control certificate needs renewing.

An Apple iPhone app will be available to anyone with a Drillers.com ePortfolio, which will display all advertised jobs matching a user’s ePortfolio profile. This feature will allow them to receive an SMS alert halfway up a ski lift, open the app and respond to the job advert before starting the downhill run; all from their iPhone.

Future plans for the oilfield technical website include the ability to create translations, where different copies of one’s ePortfolio can be created in different languages. While Drillers.com Inc holds the copyright to the additional standard supplements, the Company allows it to be freely shared among industry organisations, so long as copyright is acknowledged.

For further information or to express interest in using the new Europass standard supplements, please contact Steve Devereux on steve@drillers.com.  More information is also available at http://www.drillers.com/faqs/FAQePortfolio.html.


About Drillers.com Inc:

Launched in March 1996 as an oilfield community designed to collaborate, share ideas and use the various online tools to help oilfield professionals in their daily work, Drillers.com is, to the best of their knowledge, the second oldest drilling website in the world, and the first to feature classified oilfield recruitment advertising.

Drillers.com was founded by Steve Devereux, a chartered engineer with 30 years experience as a drilling professional. Steve is the author of two Drilling books published by PennWell: ‘Practical Well Planning and Drilling Manual’ and ‘Drilling Technology in Non Technical Language’ (2nd edition soon to be published). He is also an experienced trainer.

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