Make Your Mark on School Days With Scribbler

It’s become a long-standing tradition (much to a parent’s disapproval) that on the last day of term, every pupil gets their classmates to deface their school shirt.                       

Whether it’s a signature, declaration of friendship or even a quick doodle, school friends leave their own unique mark on what could be the last day of academia.

And what better way to make the shirts colourful and the messages permanent than with a set of t-shirt graffiti pens from Scribbler.

The set of high quality, permanent fabric markers in eight bright colours ensures every message will be seen and remembered.

Although the pens are washable, the ink can be fixed immediately with ironing for a permanent memory.

Created by the Worldwide Company, the t-shirt graffiti pens are available at Scribbler stores across the UK priced £6.99.

Of course the pens can also be used for designing shirts, t-shirts, baseball caps, canvas shoes and whatever else kids can get their hands on.

It’s the perfect way to get creative and design your own personal clothing.



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