Zacats Return to Ocean Terminal

Ocean Terminal is welcoming the world’s largest one design powerboat championship, Zapcat Racing back to its waterfront this summer.

The event that forms part of the main annual Zapcat Championships will take place the first weekend in July (Saturday 3 – Sunday 4) where there will be continuous action from 11am until 5pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Originating from surf rescue craft, Zapcats are light-weight, incredibly stable and agile crafts, with a power to weight ratio equivalent to 340bhp per ton and are capable of speeds in excess of 50mph.  They provide fast-paced, thrilling entertainment and can pull in excess of 3G in the tightest of turns, similar to that of a Formula 1 car.

Since its explosive entry into the UK sports market in 2001, Zapcat Racing has seen rapid growth within the sport and has become the world’s largest one-design powerboat series as well as becoming a highly popular leisure craft.

The Zapcats Racings’ weekend at Ocean Terminal last August was their first trip to Scotland and after receiving a great turnout organisers have decided to come back.

Ex-Zapcat racer Martin Jupp, Managing Director of Zapcats Racing said: “The stunning waterfront location of Leith Docks with the Royal Yacht Britannia and Ocean Terminal proved to be one of the best spectator events for us last year do we are excited to be back. Zapcats Racing is a thrilling sport to watch and the fantastic views spectators get here only adds to the experience.”

Michelle MacLeod, Ocean Terminal’s Deputy Store Manager added: “Ocean Terminal’s scenic location makes it an ideal venue for Zapcats Racing. We will be adding to the excitement over the weekend by bringing M&D’s attractions back for families to get their own adrenalin rush after watching the racing.

Last year’s Zapcat’s weekend was a highlight of the summer for us and I'm confident this weekend will be even more successful.”

Contact: Vanessa Warren
Phone: 0131 555 5522