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Dundee, Scotland. June 28th 2010. Owning a football team is no longer the province of princes, oligarchs, moguls, despots, hedge funds, WAGs or tyrants. Now YOU can create, own, run and control your very own Facebook club, thanks to Soccer Tycoon from Dynamo Games the developer behind the award-winning Championship Manager for mobile phones.


Soccer Tycoon is a free-to-play game, for everyone on Facebook. Football expertise or experience is NOT required. Style your stadium, tweak your team, create your concession stands, vend your vuvuzelas or have your manager quietly 'removed' and compete against friends, family and opponents from around the world in a theme park style challenge.


It's all about the money. Win games to keep your fans happy. The more fans you have, the more money you can bring in, the better your players and the more you can do.


As well as playing matches against other teams, you can challenge friends, family and Facebook folks to friendly matches and penalty-shootouts. Move up the table and into the premier league.


Forget farming or wool gathering, Soccer Tycoon puts you in control of your own club. From your team colours to the half-time pies – everything is your decision. Treating the superstar striker's dodgy knee (or packing the pouting prima donna off home), the price of the popcorn and stadium security – it's all up to you.


It's simple, soccer is the world's most popular team sport. Facebook has 400,000,000 users. Every one of whom has five minutes free at some point to chase a dream of international fame, fortune, glory and football.


Brian McNicoll, the managing director of Dynamo Games, says, “We wanted to create a football game for everyone. Not just playing or coaching, but running the whole team, the entire club – and making it fast, fun and simple. Soccer Tycoon takes everything that's glorious about the beautiful game and puts it right inside Facebook where everyone can play and enjoy it, whether they have five free minutes or a week off work.



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Soccer Tycoon – coming to Facebook in summer 2010.


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