Where Were you In The Year of Open Doors? Cargo Launch Groundbreaking Literary Project

Where were you in The Year of Open Doors? That's the question that Cargo Publishing will be asking when they release a unique short story anthology and audiobook, The Year of Open Doors, on July 27th. A collection of nineteen short stories, combining Scotland's biggest, best and brightest authors with totally unpublished, fresh writers- The Year of Open Doors is undoubtedly Cargo’s most exciting release to date. 

Since the release of the controversial ‘Cancer Party’ in 2009, Cargo have been busy scouring the land for undiscovered talent and in a mere matter of months will be unleashing our latest project on the literary world.  The ambitious and innovative Year of Open Doors comprises the best of the untapped Scottish talent in fiction.  Edited by esteemed author and Somerset Maugham prizewinner, Rodge Glass the collection promises to be the most exciting collaboration of its kind to come out of Scotland in decades.           

Cargo are a publishing house from Glasgow, specialising in fiction and founded on the idealistic belief that there's nothing more important than supporting great writing and new writers.  Created by Glaswegian entrepreneur and writer Mark Buckland, 23, the company's impetus is to nurture fresh talent within Scotland and to help emerging writers overcome major hurdles in getting their first book published.

Buckland said: “Cargo is about standing up for the future of fiction writing in Scotland. There is a wealth of untapped talent currently struggling to find an outlet.”  The Year of Open Doors features debut stories from three new, unknown talents, alongside and supported by acclaimed and varied writers such as acclaimed author and performer Alan Bissett, James Black Tait Prize nominee Suhayl Saadi, respected short story writer Colette Paul, Orange Prize nominee Sophie Cooke and former Arab Strap singer and storyteller Aidan Moffat. With the scope of writers involved and number of international authors featured, it is no surprise it has become the first private creative writing publication to have been partly funded by the University of Strathclyde in the institution’s history.

Not content with the paper version of the collection, Cargo are exploring new technology with e-book versions and a collaboration with the world-famous Chemikal Underground Records, home to bands such as Mogwai and Interpol. “The audiobook is a really exciting prospect. Working with Chemikal has been very enjoyable and really expands the audience for the book”, said Buckland.  The releases is followed by tie-in performances at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, with a mix of literary performance and music including a four hour closing night performance on August 30th in the Highland Park Spiegel Tent, one of the festival's largest venues. However, Buckland was quick to point out this is part of a much larger tour: “I think we're up to about twenty dates on the tour now; everywhere from libraries to little local events up to the big festivals.”

“It's so pleasing to see everyone involved in literature in Scotland getting behind this”, Buckland stated. “We really feel that this is a grassroots movement and it's being driven by people who care about books and the ethos of the book seems to be reaching out.”

If you’d like more information about the Year of Open Doors, or to schedule an interview with Mark Buckland or Rodge Glass please call Caragh Bailie on 07702156805 or e-mail Caragh at caragh@cargopublishing.com or press@cargopublishing.com.

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