Look out! There

There’s something fishy going on down at Leith Docks as locals have been warned to keep on the look out for Crusty the Crustacean, a monster 10lb lobster that’s made a bid for freedom from Amani, the exotic new lounge restaurant in the heart of Leith.

Amani head chef Surinder Ram had just taken delivery of a dozen fresh lobsters for the restaurant’s forthcoming ‘All At Sea’ seafood festival weekender (Friday 16th and Saturday 17th) when Crusty pierced his index finger with one of its razor sharp claws and refused to let go, drawing blood, before scuttling out the kitchen door whilst the hapless chef writhed in pain and sought a tourniquet to stem the flow of blood.

Mr Ram said, “I’ve worked as a chef in the West Indies and in the UK for many years now but this is the first time I’ve been bitten by a lobster and, let me tell you, it hurts!”

Amani manager Imtiaz Hussain has now put a price on Crusty’s head – he’s offering a delicious meal for two at Amani for Crusty’s safe return.

Mr Hussain said, “Tandoori Lobster, a whole lobster cooked in tandoori massalas and braised in a curry leaf fish broth, is the feature dish at our ‘All At Sea’ festival, so we desperately need to locate Crusty – and fast!

“But members of the public should be warned – Crusty is covered with barnacles, which means that he’s in his old shell and at his prime, and, as our head chef will testify, his claws are razor sharp!”

Aside from Tandoori Lobster, other dishes set to feature at Amani’s ‘All At Sea’ festival include such appetisers as: Tandoori Jhinga, freshwater king prawns marinated in traditional spices and yogurt and then cooked lightly in the tandoor; Masala Fried Machli, succulent pieces of white fish marinated with fresh lemon juice, turmeric and ground red chillies then shallow fried with a touch of gram flour and Thirsa, quality pasteurised mussels seasoned in the traditional Goan style with a sprinkling of garlic, ginger, cumin, turmeric and a dash of salt and pan fried.


Mains include: Chingri Malai, king prawns simmered in a creamy coconut sauce flavoured with curry leaf; Dakhini Machhi, pan fried fillet of sea bass simmered in a tangy sauce with curry leaves and tamarind pulp finished with a tempering of mustard seeds and Masala Machhi, monk fish tail medallions simmered in an exotic mix of ginger, garlic, onions, tomatoes, peppers and Punjabi spices.


Amani, which translates as ‘inspiration’, offers an exotic fusion of Moroccan, Mediterranean and classic Punjabi cuisine, and it certainly seems to have inspired Crusty to stage an audacious bid for freedom that has left the restaurant ‘All At Sea’.


Amani is conveniently located in Bernard Street in the heart of Leith close to Ocean Terminal Shopping Centre and the Malmaison Hotel. Log onto www.amanirestaurant.com for more information about ‘All At Sea’.



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Date 9th July 2010

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