The Proclaimers Release iPhone App

If you’ve ever wanted to sing and strum the chords to a great song by The Proclaimers, then this app is for you…

The Proclaimers have this week, launched their iProclaimer app on the international Apple App Store. Developed by Edinburgh’s Bluemungus team, the app is designed to help you learn both the words & the guitar chords to the band’s major songs.

As you follow the lyrics to such tracks as I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) and Sunshine on Leith, you can click on the guitar chord icon and you are presented with a visual representation of the tab, where to place your fingers and capo and you can even strum the chord on the iPhone to hear how it should sound.

The audio has been played for the app by The Proclaimers guitarist, Zac Ware.

To add to the mix, the app includes an exclusive live video of their epic ‘Life With You’ filmed at their triumphant Edinburgh Castle gig in July 2008.

Extra buttons in the app also give you up to the minute Proclaimers news and gig listings as well as the opportunity to share on Facebook.

We are delighted with how Bluemungus and Zac have put together our first lyric and chord app. We get fans emailing with chord queries, so hopefully this will be a useful and fun way to learn and play the songs featured on the app.’ Charlie Reid

As the band build up to their main stage appearance at T in the Park, they hope many fans will have downloaded the app and learned the songs in time for the gig.

The app is set at the lowest price on the App Store of 0.59p


iProclaimer is available at the App Store in iTunes

The iProclaimer mini site:

Media Contact : Kenny MacDonald, 0131 221 0011

Technology Contact : Colin Usher of bluemungus 0131 555 4505

Contact: Colin Usher
Phone: 0131 555 4505