One Man and his 'Being Literally Posted' Journey

A man from Brighton will set out to arrive in Edinburgh like no one else will do in 2010. Ever wondered how your letters land on your doorstep in the morning? Will Armstrong will discover how your post does it. On 4 August he will plant himself in a box and post himself from Brighton to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe to understand what some of the 84 million daily letters go through to get from A to B.

Arriving at 6pm, 4 August, on the Royal Mile, taking with him only a can of slim fast, one or two pocket-pee-bags and a flip-cam to capture the moment, this journey won’t be ‘first class Virgin’ for the first time postee.

Of course most post arrives overnight however the package will take anything up to 10 hours to arrive. This will subject the student’s resilience in dealing with cramped conditions and darkness compared to that of a boxed animal and will have to overcome the anxiety of being locked up from Brighton to Edinburgh.

Will Armstrong’s associate in crime, Matt Bonner, is indeed taking his own extreme methods to get to Edinburgh, using only public buses. He will have a few essential possessions, his guitar and a multitude of bus tickets, how long will it take? Matt has 6 days to get to Edinburgh; will all his buses come at once? Will Matt Bonner make it on time for the start of the show on 6 August? 

The show will foretell the tales of wisdom and plight bought by both posting and busing it. In a documentary set to show you how not to do it, highlighting the effort of all Fringe goers and performers alike.

Will Armstrong ‘A future Fringe entertainer – though he may be wishing for some Houdini-like skills’  THE SCOTSMAN

Matt Bonner ‘Matt is a brilliant writer, has fantastic vocal capabilities and can really get the crowd going’ - BRIGHTON CALLING

10% of all profits will be donated to Born Free, to un-cage animals.

Post me to The Fringe
Festival Fringe 2010
Written and performed by Will Armstrong and Matt Bonner
Venue: Espionage, Lizard Lounge (Venue 185), Victoria Street
Time:  13.00 (40 minutes)
Dates: 6-20 August (Arrival date, out of the box, 4 August, 6pm)
& Assembly Rooms, 10pm, 23 August, Edinburgh International Marketing Festival

For all press enquiries and tickets please contact:
Will Armstrong                                             Matt Bonner
Marketing Assistant                                      Brighton Musician
The Marketing Society –                                Rule Breaker Records
(The UK’s most senior network of marketers) 
Bournemouth University Student                 
07896827419                                              07810548380       ( - will be tweeting from the box!)

Contact: Will Armstrong
Phone: 07896827419