Shepherd Reduces Carbon Footprint With Fuel Efficiency Drive

Shepherd Chartered Surveyors has accelerated its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint with the introduction of a new fleet of fuel efficient vehicles.

Four new BMW 320ed’s have joined the four ‘Econetic’ Ford Focus models which were added to the fleet last month. This latest introduction of the Shepherd liveried BMW’s is only the first of a number of batches to be added to the firm’s fleet in the coming months in a bid to lower both fuel consumption and CO2 omissions.

And with over 150 chartered surveyors working within the Shepherd Surveying Group throughout the length and breadth of the UK from a fleet of around 140 cars covering approximately three million miles annually, the cost savings in tax and fuel should be substantial.

George Brewster, senior partner at Shepherd, said, “Despite driving being a necessary and substantial feature of the surveyors’ day to day business activity, as a company Shepherd has been keen to ensure it acknowledges its environmental obligations and travels in the most environmentally-friendly way possible.

“And with ‘Efficient Dynamics’ being the strapline behind BMW’s most recent venture, the new Shepherd cars can boast that they gain close to 70 mpg and only 109g in C02 omissions.

But while they might be hugely environmentally and economically friendly, don’t expect them to be equally discreet for Shepherd’s iconic blue triangle livery emblazoned on the white cars ensures that the most recent additions to the company’s fleet are not likely to be missed!

“Given our new drive to reduce our carbon footprint, perhaps we should turn our famous blue triangle green!” said Mr Brewster.

The Shepherd surveyors who are now driving the latest cars are delighted with the new carriages.

William Laidlaw, surveyor at Shepherd’s Galashiels office, said “The new car is terrific! With its low fuel consumption and carbon emissions, it suits my needs perfectly. But whilst the livery represents a fantastic marketing tool for the firm, I’m not so sure where I’ll park it when out with pals on a Friday night!”

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Date 4th August 2010


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