A Cracking Fringe Piece

Visitors to The Edinburgh Fringe festival have been puzzling over artwork which has been plastered all over the city. The promotional material has been developed by leading design agency 999 Design.


The stickers, posters and flyers that have dominated the Edinburgh fringe visitors attention have been promoting All the King’s men – an acappella singing group formed by current Kings College London students. The 14-strong musical outfit are bringing their mischievous sound to Edinburgh’s Surgeon’s Halls venue and the College recruited the design talent’s of 999 to promote the group’s debut at the world’s largest arts festival.


Although not the first piece of work for the top 50 agency by one of the world’s leading educational establishments, it certainly qualifies as one of the most unusual briefs. Aileen Geraghty, managing Director of 999 Design London said:


“We knew we had to let the personality of the group shine through. The group is intelligent, fun and highly entertaining and they have standout with their unusual approach. This was an unusual brief considering our other work for King's includes the development of a new groundbreaking central website and recruitment advertising campaigns for numerous areas of the business.


The stickers, posters and flyers have stood out from the crowded Fringe promotional paraphernalia as something of a collectable, as tourists seek to collect the series of stickers. The typographic illustration and bright colours are striking against the black background. With slogans like 'fit for a king' and 'it's reigning men’, the stickers were created to build up a buzz about the shows without directly referencing what was on offer. A tactic that seems to be working as their debut show was a sell out.

Contact: Lucy Nicolson

Email: lucy.nicolson@bigpartnership.co.uk
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