Scots Red Cross Worker in Pakistan Mercy Team

A Scots aid worker last night (Wed) flew to Pakistan as part of a British Red Cross logistics team to help co-ordinate the flow of aid to those most in need.

 As floodwaters further inundate the low-lying southern provinces of the Punjab and Sindh and an increasing number of people require assistance, the team of four will be working to speed up the delivery of aid into the worst hit areas.

Kenny Hamilton, from Glasgow, is part of the team. The 46-year-old is Red Cross international development manager based at the organisation’s refugee unit in Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow. He has wide experience of international disaster response. Earlier this year, the was part of a Red Cross team based in the Dominican Republic organising supplies of aid to neighbouring Haiti.

Last night (Wed) as he prepared to board the mercy flight to Pakistan, Kenny said: “Having seen the devastation of Pakistan on the news, and knowing that there are still people who haven’t been reached, there is a huge role for logistics teams on the ground. As soon as we arrive we will be doing everything we can to get aid to those in need as quickly as possible.”

 The team are bound for Karachi and the devastated province of Sindh in Southern Pakistan. 

 Richard North, logistics manager at the British Red Cross, said:  “There are massive logistical challenges in Pakistan which are holding us back from reaching all the people in need. At the moment there are relief items ready to go but the challenge is getting them to places where roads, rail and all normal transport have been wiped out.

 “The British Red Cross team will be helping to establish routes to get aid to flood victims as quickly as possible, in any way we can. We know from previous disasters that this often means using trucks, boats and even helicopters. But this is only half the battle. Once those routes in are up and running, it is vital aid continues to arrive in country in sufficient quantities to meet the vast needs.” 

The team going out are: Peter Pearce (58, who lives in Germany), Kenny Hamilton (46, from Glasgow), Katy Thomas (32, from Manchester) and Dean Mitzon (39, who lives in Spain).

>                 The British Red Cross is supporting the DEC Pakistan Floods Appeal. To donate to the appeal go to or call 0370 60 60 900




Notes to Editors


>   Since 21 July, the Pakistan Red Crescent (PRCS), with support from Movement partners has distributed relief to over 350,000 people across seven provinces.

> ·    The Red Cross Red Crescent is planning to scale up its response five-fold. The massive humanitarian needs require a greater response than originally anticipated. The Pakistan Red Crescent has a big emergency stock in-country but we are also mobilizing relief supplies internationally.

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