NEoN's First Public Debate to Discuss 'Digital Dundee'.

The first of digital arts festival NEoN's public debates will take place this evening, Tuesday 31st August in the Dundee City Council conference rooms, City Square, Dundee at 6 p.m. The debate will be chaired by Paul Carroll of Dundee City Council. Carroll will be joined by a panel of experts to direct the discussion surrounding the pertinent local issue of ‘Digital Dundee.’

“Dundee has so far met the challenge of adapting to the internet age and built an international reputation as Digital Dundee. Tonight's debate will ask the question how can we build on that for the future.” informed Carroll.

The objective of the debate is to consider the concept of ‘Digital Dundee’ and to identify ways in which the city can harness e-technology to improve leisure, business processes and increase their competitive advantage.The debate panel will consist of experts concerned with the digital industry, including Gameelah Ghafoor, Global Project Manager for Communications and Security at NCR, Clive Gileman, Director at the DCA, Colin Anderson, Managing Director of Denki and Doug Tonner, Client Director at BT Scotland. The panel will introduce a variety of topics to the discussion including – does Dundee need a digital strategy? should it continue to develop organically? ; and, what would a world class broadband wireless technical infrastructure do for the city?

The NEoN public debate, discussing the topic of ‘Digital Dundee’ is particularly relevant this year with the city having been given the accolade of one of the ‘Top 7 Cities’ by the think tank, Intelligent Community Forum. The think tank recognizes international communities which create prosperity, stability and cultural meaning in a world which is increasingly reliant upon digital media and dependent upon the development of communications. This evening’s debate will address the issues surrounding the importance of digital to the future of the community of Dundee.

The debate will take place this evening, Tuesday 31st August, at Dundee City Council conference rooms at City Square, Dundee, 6 – 8pm. Seating will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

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