Majorca Tops the Charts for Summer Sun

A recent survey by Scotland’s largest independent travel group, Barrhead Travel, has revealed that the nation’s favourite holiday destination for summer 2010 was Majorca.

The survey, based on bookings taken by the travel group for summer 2010, has shown that passengers are still flocking to traditional hotspots with Majorca, the Canary Isles and mainland Spain making up the top 3.

These results follow claims from many in the travel industry that UK customers are seeking holidays further afield in, what are perceived to be, more cost-effective resorts outside of the eurozone.

After slipping down the rankings in 2009, the birthplace of tennis star Rafael Nadal has reclaimed the top spot in 2010 with almost a quarter of all Barrhead Travel customers choosing to spend their summer holiday on the island.

Sharon Munro, chief executive of Barrhead Travel, said: “Established resorts in Majorca, Spain and the Canary Islands are immensely popular with our customers and this trend looks to continue for some time to come.

“Despite recent claims that resorts within the eurozone have become less cost effective following the economic downturn, such destinations remain popular because they offer a fantastic range of accommodation and entertainment at a competitive price. Resorts in Spain lowered prices at the start of the season to compensate for the exchange rate and the value of the Euro has risen in the past few months. Many of these destinations depend on tourists visiting the region during the summer months to sustain their economy throughout the remainder of the year and it is in their best interest to offer a high quality package at a price that reflects the marketplace. As an independent travel group, we work across all travel suppliers to find the best possible deal for our customers meaning no matter what their destination, we’ll make sure they get the highest quality at the lowest possible price.”

There remains a steady increase in popularity in North Africa destinations in 2010 with more Scots visiting resorts in Tunisia and Morocco and cruise bookings also doubled in the last 12 months.

The top five destinations for Scottish holiday-makers during summer 2010 were:

  1. Majorca
  2. Canary Isles
  3. Mainland Spain
  4. Turkey
  5. USA

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