Aberdeenshire Company ThinJack Marks Record Figures

Aberdeenshire-based ThinJack is celebrating record quarter year turnover thanks to increasing global demand for its bespoke services.

Between April and June this year, ThinJack delivered sales of over £300,000 compared with just over £100,000 for the same quarter in 2009.


The Westhill business is rapidly creating an international track record for its revolutionary ThinJack, a steel envelope which can be inflated with up to 2,500 bar of hydraulic pressure to exert hundreds of tonnes of force, making it an ideal separating and jacking solution in hazardous, difficult or restricted areas.  The bespoke service is primarily used for the rigless separation of seized well flanges and is also used to remove concrete weight coat from pipelines.

The company is headed by Guy Bromby and Alastair MacDonald and is based at Arnhall Business Park, Westhill.  ThinJack employs five people at Westhill plus additional trained field technicians at its overseas bases at Melbourne in Australia, Al Khobar in Saudi Arabia and Luling in Louisiana, USA.

Contributing to recent financial success was the company’s first ever contract in Angola, where ThinJack technology was used to separate a seized flange with 328 tonnes (722,000 lb) of controlled force on one of Angola’s most productive offshore wells in Block 3. This saved its operators, Sonangol, an estimated three days of lost production.

ThinJack also completed a series of well flange separations in Mobile Bay, Offshore Alabama in the USA; a contract duration of 2 ½ years.

Guy Bromby said: “Working simultaneously in the USA, North Sea, The Netherlands and Angola was challenging but everyone’s hard work has been gratifying, especially with the support of the oil companies who have made a commitment to and benefited from our services.”

For further information, visit www.thinjack.co.uk or call (01224) 330645.

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