999 Get Political with the Guardian

As the political party conference season gets underway in Liverpool this week, leading creative agency 999 Design has teamed up with the Guardian and Observer newspapers to create a series of unique materials to announce their presence at this year’s conferences.

To express the idea of the blurring of the political boundaries, the 999 team used a handcrafted watercolour theme to create a distinct suite of materials to promote the hugely popular Guardian debates and Observer Interviews, featuring representatives from each of the three main parties and the Observer’s award-winning chief political commentator, Andrew Rawnsley.

The Guardian debates focus on the theme ‘Never the same again’, looking at how the current coalition government has changed politics forever; the Observer interviews, brought to life through portraits, on getting to know the politician behind the policies.

The team were also responsible for designing drinks reception invitations for each individual party and for applying design to room dressing for each of the three receptions held by the parties post debate.

Aileen Geraghty, Managing Director at 999 said:

“This is one of many creative pieces of work that we are proud to be delivering for The Guardian since our appointment. We created the watercolour theme to deliver an overarching look and feel and to really strengthen the brand presence at all three party conferences. This creative works hard to make the messaging stand out and to reinforce the Guardian and Observer brands throughout all the materials. For the invitations specifically, we selected a beautiful paper to ensure that we did the watercolour justice and we’re all delighted with the results.”

“It is something a little different and it creates a really strong identity for each of the events that is immediately memorable and recognisable.”

999 Design were appointed by Guardian News & Media earlier this year when it made the decision to outsource the production and delivery of its events marketing, advertising and sales support design and presentation work.

At the time, Adam Freeman, director, consumer media, GNM, said:

“Partnering with such a creative and innovative design agency as 999 will provide a more flexible and responsive marketing and design service to GNM's internal commercial and marketing teams. Guardian Creative will continue to support these marketing teams and oversee work from a brand perspective.”

Contact: Lucy Nicolson

Email: lucy.nicolson@bigpartnership.co.uk
Website: http://www.999design.com