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Cookie, the award-winning eatery in Glasgow’s southside, is presenting ‘International Satellite’, an eclectic exhibition pulling together artists from all over the world from the ‘Low Brow’ genre, curated by Recoat Gallery.

Opening on Wednesday 27th October 2010 7-10pm and running till Tuesday 30th November 2010, the show includes some big names like The London Police from Holland, 1010 from Germany, Belgian street artist, Veuch, Alto Contraste, the Brazilian couple and Polish graffiti artists, Sepe and Chazme.

Cookie co-founder Domenico Del Priore said: “Until our link up with Recoat, there has been no outlet for contemporary art on the southside. We’re delighted to strengthen our links with this specialist West End gallery, and bring a little of the West End to the southside with this show displaying work from artists with an international stature.

“Cookie is the ideal space within which to show these works. Looking at art while you’re eating and drinking is a perfect match. I always remember Will Alsop, one of the UK's best known contemporary architects, say to me that galleries are where people go when the shops are shut.”

Recently named Glasgow Newcomer of the Year 2010 for breaking the mould of local eating and drinking, Cookie is based at 72 Nithsdale Road, Pollokshields, Glasgow. For further information about Cookie and future events log on to or check it out on Facebook. For further information about Recoat log on to



For further information please contact Domenico Del Priore on tel 0141 423 1411

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Date 26 October 2010

Notes to Editors

International Satellite will feature:

The London Police

The London Police started in 1998 when two English artists teamed up and moved to Amsterdam with the hope of creating a lifestyle for themselves where they could create art together and travel the world. Known for their iconic LADS characters and precision marking, TLP have recently celebrated 10 strong years in the art world and their work has graced streets and galleries in 35 countries during this time, including Los Angeles, New York, Brussels, Barcelona, Hawai and Shanghai.

Alto Contraste

Alto*Contraste – or just A*C – is a couple: Lee and Lou, 31 and 32 years old. They met each other in 1996 at the Art School where they studied, in São Paulo. Alongside all the experiences that life throws at you as an artist– and besides a beautiful family with two kids – they created A*C, a name that they have used while creating work in the streets of São Paulo since 2005.

Their work matches different references from distinct universes, united in a kind of ‘Frankenstein logic’, using fragments sewn piece by piece. In their work they have created a series of characters whose aim it is to disconcert the viewer.

Between stenciling their streets, A*C are also involved in art-education social projects, have been included in important urban art publications, invited to national and international exhibitions as far afield as Barcelona, Melbourne, and Vienna and been featured in the giant Cans Festival in London (2008) and the Puma Urban Art Festival in Buenos Aires (2009).


1010 is a young graphic designer and street artist who lives in Hamburg where he is involved in mural painting, exhibitions and arts projects. His work takes many forms from sculpture to murals and posters and explores ideas about human thought, interaction and behaviour.


Veuch is a graphic artist who lives and works in Belgium. He makes artwork for exhibitions, recently showing in Paris, and creates graphics for branding. His designs are quirky, bright and aesthetic, tending to focus on figurative imagery, often featuring an eye. As well as painting the streets, Veuch’s designs have been commissioned from many companies and can be seen on Mini Coopers, satchels, trainers, flip flops, and bean bags!


Sepe was born in 1982 in Warsaw, where he continues to live and work. After attending art school he has gone on to forge a career as a graphic designer, illustrator and painter. He regularly exhibits his work, most recently in Munich, Berlin and Lille, and featured at the Stroke Art Fair in 2009.



Chazme works and lives in Warsaw and attended college to study architecture there. He now works as an architect, freelance graphic designer and artist. He recently exhibited in Cracow and Lille and had his first solo show in Gdansk last year.


Contact: Susan Christie
Phone: 0141 561 4018