Emblematic, Grandiose or Intimate: Discover the Great Sites of Midi-Pyr

Following a successful cinema campaign, and on the occasion of France’s Big Lunch, the Midi Pyrénées Tourist Board is publishing three press packs to launch their “Great Tourist Sites” seal of approval.

The “Great Site of Midi-Pyrénées” seal of approval is awarded to sites that are nationally or internationally famous, offer visitors an enriching experience and are emblematic of the region’s identity, culture or heritage.

To date, these include about twenty towns, villages, historical sites, areas of natural beauty and engineering structures. These are based on criteria such as originality, striking scenery and unexpected discoveries.

The Great Site seal of approval was publicised in a successful cinema campaign in March and April this year. The advertisement was shown to over 3 million cinema goers in London, the Midlands, Wales, the West Country and Lancashire. See the film here.

Download the press packs to find out about the Great Sites:

-      Towns: Suggestions for Sites to Visit

-      Engineering Structures & Natural Sites: Suggestions for Sites to Visit

-      Villages & Historical Sites: Suggestions for Sites to Visit

Visit the Midi-Pyrénées’ website dedicated to the Great Sites.

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