999 Design gets Audiences Thinking with TEDxObserver Campaign

999 Design, recently launched a bold and arresting new advertising campaign for The Observer, to help promote its unique TEDxObserver event.

The event – the first of its kind for The Observer – is operated under license from TED, and will take place at Kings Place, London, on Saturday 19 March.In developing the new creative for the campaign, 999 Design was charged with ensuring that audiences were drawn to the idea that the event will be forward-thinking and creative, as well as provoking debate and reflection. To emphasise the fact that the event will be a festival for the mind, the campaign was driven by the many stimulating and inspiring themes that will be on offer throughout the day, represented visually by a connection to brain activity and function.

Aileen Geraghty, managing director of 999 Design said: “As the creative team for Guardian News & Media’s events, our designs are often challenged to represent unique aspects of the various events we are promoting in a single, captivating visual. This campaign offered a real opportunity to develop something which would not only be immediately eye-catching, but also reflected the ideas and inspiration around the now well-known TEDx events. The idea that this would be a festival for the mind was, in our eyes, a compelling proposition.”

Speakers for TEDxObserver have been drawn from a wide range of disciplines to deliver thought-provoking ideas on an eclectic range of issues in talks ranging from 6 to 18 minutes.

Speakers include campaigner Sarah Brown, musician and DJ Goldie, and Olympian Denise Lewis, who will be discussing subjects designed to challenge, engage and inspire. Sci-fi writer and blogger Cory Doctorow, Noma head chef René Redzepi and winner of the Fields Medal for mathematics in 2010, Cédric Villani, will also be speaking at the event, delivering talks on an eclectic range of issues such as: What’s the secret of the world’s best restaurant? Are women the future of Africa? Can dance change the way we think? What makes a video go viral?

The day-long festival, which is entitled 'Where Inspiration meets Action', will also include short films and musical performances, and will be streamed live to various venues across the UK.

The campaign will run in print in all Guardian News & Media titles including The Guardian and the Observer, as well as online at observer.co.uk/tedx

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